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London travel diary

Alexandra Chirita, 3^A Linguistico



02 Giugno 2017 - 11:04

London tavel diary

The British Museum


Sunday was the first day in England. We arrived at Stansted airport al 12.45 and then we caught the private bus to transfer to Greenwich where our host families were waiting for us. When we were in the bus I looked out the window all the way and I didn't understand why the driver stayed on the left and not on the right. All was so different even some road signs. After I remembered that in England people drive on the left, on the opposite way than us, but it was very strange. When we arrived we met our families and we put our suitcases in the boot. Then when we had to get in the car I got in the sat before on the right but there was the steering wheel and when my host mum saw me told me that I mustn't drive and to get out imediatly. I apologized with her and I told her that I didn't want to drive and I was confused. Then I expleined her that in Italy the driver is on the left and for this reason I was confused.


Monday morning we went to school and the teacher took us to Greenwich Park and we had two hours to find the alphabet letters in the nature and we had to take photos to show those to him to demostrate that we had found all the letters. We had to stay in pairs and I stayed with Giulia. We went to the highest point of the hill where there was a fantastic view. We stayed there and we took photos. It was wonderful! After that we continued our walk and we saw squirrels, it was my first time because I had never seen squirrels before. In the afternoon we went to see the Prime Meridian with our teachers. I enjoyed this day a lot. It was beautiful!


Tuesday we went to National Gallery in London. Our teachers had left us an hour to visit it and I was very impressed by all the paintings that I saw. All of them are beautiful. I love impressionism and when we arrived at Van Gogh paintings I wanted to stay there for hours because all of those shades of colours impressed me. Even the other paintings were amazing for example Botticelli's ones, Da Vinci's ones, Canaletto's ones and all the others. I liked it very much. Another thing that I love is Buckingham Palace. It was amazing,charming!


Wednesday I was very afascinated by our guide Chris, by his organization and how elastic mind he was. He changed his ideas depending on weather and time. This is a general feature that British people have and I like it. In theafternoon we went to Piccadilly Circus and I love it! We went shopping and after that we went to China Town and then we returned to Greenwich. The underground was full of people, I had never seen so many people on the underground before.


Thursday afternoon we did the “Thameside walking tour” and my favourite moment was when all the class saw a busker so talented. She was a young woman who sang. She had an amazing voice and in a few minutes, a lot of people came near her to hear her beautiful voice. It was a magic moment fot all of us. She was so talented! Yhe atmosphere was incredible. I will remember it forever. After that a part of us went to London Eye and even that was amazing! I had an enchanting view from above London during the sunset and this had been became that moment even more special. The lights were lovely and it was another experience/memory that I'll never forget.


Friday we went to British Museum, the oldest museum in England. I love it! I saw many things that I studied at school, for example the Parthenon, the Egiptian mummies, Rosetta stone, Roman remains and the Chinises' ones. It was so interesting! After that we went also to Covent Garden that I enjoyed a lot.


Saturday was the last day but in the morning, before going to the airport, we went to Shakespear's Globe theatre that i liked very much. It's an amazing theatre and the guide that explained us all the Globe history, was very funny and nice. I think she was an actress because she captured our attention and she succeeded in letting us understand all information she told us.

I love this school trip in London and I want to return in England because i adore it. All the things that I saw were amazing! It was a perfect week.

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